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Welcome to the Saanich Climate Action Navigator Tool (CANtool)

Saanich is developing an updated Climate Plan to:

The CANtool is an interactive online tool to help the public and decision makers understand energy pathway options to reach our 2050 targets. It is pre-loaded with one pathway to reach Saanich's 2050 targets. A high-level description of this particular pathway is described here.

You can adjust different strategies, targets and timelines to see their impact on our community greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy mixture from now to 2050.

The CANtool supports the development of an updated Climate Plan by showing what we must achieve in different focus areas in order to reach our territorial renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction targets. Consumption-based emissions and adaptation goals are addressed through different processes, and draft actions to reach all these targets are available to read the link below.

To learn more about the development of the updated Saanich Climate Plan, including the Climate Backgrounder Series, a personal carbon calculator, upcoming and past events, results of previous phases of engagement, and more, visit http://www.saanich.ca/climateplan.

Take the Survey! Until July 5th, 2019, Saanich is inviting feedback on the draft actions for the updated Climate Plan. You can read the draft actions and complete the survey here.
Saanich's current emissions and trends
The 2010 Saanich Climate Action Plan targeted a 33% reduction in emissions by 2020. Despite this, emissions have increased 3.54% since 2007.
Factoring in known policies at the regional, provincial and federal level, current projections are that emissions in Saanich will only decline by 9% by 2050.